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3/31 Covid Update
Posted on Apr 1st, 2020
·         Everything inside both buildings is closed in terms of "use".  You may come to the recreation center if you need a book, wish to rent a movie or borrow a game.  
·         No trail rides.  
·         Playground closed.
·         If you need to use our wi-fi for your electronics, sitting outside in back is okay.
·         Hot tub closed.  Pool hasn't opened.
·         For now it is okay if someone wants to come exercise outside ...tennis, participate in yoga, play pickleball, Zumba, horseshoes, etc....as long as you bring your own ball, racquet, mat, etc...and "play" outside.  (Obviously with these activities keep your spacing, plus these activities are not "open call" .  I hope this will make sense as an example...husband and wife on same team playing pickleball against two other folks on the other side of the net that know each other well.  Partners don't change.
·         Continuing dumpster for member leaf disposal.
We appreciate your help and understanding in these crazy times and we'll keep you as up to date as possible.  Be safe!
Gym & Rec. Center Covid-19 Update
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2020
Let's give this a try.
**Due to the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, the gym will be open on a limited basis with the following strict requirements of any member that wishes to make use of the gym.**
We have four rooms in the fitness center.  Two work out rooms, a racquetball court and a basketball/Zumba/yoga room.  Maximum 6 people in a room at a time with a minimum of six feet distance between each room “occupiers”.  Should this be violated by one, facility will be locked backed down 100%.
1)  Gym will only be open during regular PLA business hours.
2)  Member will sign in and out of the gym at the PLA front desk and use a desk card from recreation center; member cards will remain “locked”.  
3) Use of the gym will require sanitation procedures by the member to include at a minimum:
a. wipe down each piece of equipment used.
b. wipe down each door handle used.
c. flush toilet after use.
d. avoid vomiting in the garbage cans.
With everyone’s cooperation and adherence to these rules we may be able to keep the gym open indefinitely. By signing in to use the gym you agree to these temporary regulations.
The recreation center is remaining open for business operations and if you want to come and horse around outside here feel free; indoor activities will not be permitted.
Trail Rides
Posted on Jan 17th, 2020
Remember Rachael is conducting trail rides year-round...
Navajo County Snow Plowing Policy
Posted on Dec 17th, 2019
Posted on Dec 11th, 2019
SLOW DOWN driving around here for the safety of everyone!!!   Speed limit on most streets is 25mph including Buck Springs and Branding Iron Loop.  Guard rail near plac&s was recently taken out again.
County Fire & Fireworks Ordinances Webpage
Posted on Jul 3rd, 2019
NOAA Monsoon Webpage
Posted on Jul 3rd, 2019
NOAA Red Flag Information
Posted on Jul 3rd, 2019
Bear Sighting-Game & Fish
Posted on Jun 21st, 2019
A mature bear has been spotted twice within the past couple days around Madison Circle...in and around our HOA.  Be alert, manage your trash, recycling (if applicable), etc...
Game & Fish 24/7 Phone Number regarding sightings-623.236.7201
Firewise Website
Posted on Jun 5th, 2019
Remember all of us need to be working towards becoming Firewise.
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