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Wildfire Season
Posted on Apr 11th, 2018

Wildfire season is starting a month early this year based on the area's dryness.  There were four fires just yesterday (April 10).  PLA spoke with Fire Chief Morgan and he STRONGLY recommends that property owners with homes on them clear the yard to bare cover at a minimum of 0-5 feet from your home...firewood, lumber, etc....this is called the "Immediate Zone".  
Properties without homes on them should still be maintained as well minimizing the pine needles and leaves. All properties with dead trees and dead limbs should have those items removed from the property.
Below are some excerpts from a recent article from the White Mountain Independent highlighting a meeting Chief Morgan had with the Town's Council.  While we are not in the town's boundaries this is helpful information.
"Reducing hazardous fuels on properties around Pinetop-Lakeside has become the priority as fire season seems to be arriving earlier each year...."
"Getting rid of thick fuels on the forest floor."
 “We are not asking residents to clear-cut or anything like that. This is just for reduction, because these micro-forests are unhealthy. Today we have four White Mountain communities that have had their HOA’s commit to the Firewise designation and hopefully we’ll soon be adding another on July 21st.”
Please take care of your properties for all of us.